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Historic Conservation


John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd. offers specialized expertise in the conservation and restoration of heritage structures throughout Ontario; Quebec; British Columbia; Fredericton, New Brunswick and beyond. Projects typically involve the repair of all integral architectural components such as roofing, flashing, caulking, window restoration and masonry rehabilitation, working in conjunction with FHBRO, NRC and other regulatory bodies. John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd. generally acts as prime consultant working directly for the owner in heritage building conservation.


Structural Rehabilitation


John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd. offers engineering services in structural rehabilitation projects, which include repairs of both cast in place and precast concrete parking garages. We have also participated in balcony restorations in high-rise residential buildings, which often included refurbishment of the entire building envelope, including window replacement and brick repair. Along with projects in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, we have also provided services for Ontario Housing Corporation in Cornwall, Royal Military Academy and Queens University in Kingston. John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd. acts as prime consultant working directly for the owner in structural rehabilitation.


New Construction (Commercial)


John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd. is widely experienced in providing structural engineering services for new construction projects in the Ottawa area, and has also completed several assignments throughout Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba. The scope of our involvement varies from project to project, but typically includes the production of construction documents and site supervision during construction. John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd. generally acts as a sub-consultant to architects and designers in new construction projects.


New Construction (Residential)


In 2013, John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd. took over the legacy of residential design excellence from S.T. Engineering Inc. Residential design has continued seamlessly during the transition. Projects typically include structural design for new housing, structural modifications to standard models, structural steel shop drawings and beyond. Clients are exclusively large developers.


Falsework and Formwork Design


In 2013, the S.T. Engineering Inc. team joined John G. Cooke & Associates Ltd., effectively continuing decades of formwork and falsework design. Projects also include the design of tower cranes and shoring. This division works directly for large commercial contractors.

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